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There were a whole lot more bloggers, but these are the people I stalk on Instagram :3 Expected elder scrolls online tamriel unlimited coupon code Damage: 30 -40/pax podi: #B1-45, 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103 Website 18 shares Featured Article: Ham Cheese Baked Pear Recipe.
Baked eggs with chorizo and goat cheese baked in a tomato base. .
You could also opt for their promising mains and pastas which range anywhere in the high sales discount does not twenties but still justified by the portions when I peered at neighboring tables.
Chocolate Seasalt Tart (4.50).Spinach Brioche with eggs, smoked ham, brie cheese and maple syrup.Personally, I still prefer my waffles with butter and maple syrup but having duck confit wasnt neither a good or bad combination since I just took them separably.Shoestring Fries- Choice of Nori or Truffle Oil Flavour (6).Pretty much raw mandolined beetroot with a vinaigrette dressing, which serves as a decent palate cleanser amidst the meal.Last but not least, the scrambled eggs were awfully fluffy and well-seasoned, creamy enough and moist enough.

Typing huge duck makes me chuckle every time I read.
Good for eating on its own, because the soup has such heavy flavors that you probably cant taste the bread if you dip it into the soup.
Rustic Chicken Pot (18 this chicken pot was quite a special dish for both.
Do spare a room for their desserts.
Constructed with semi-melted gruyere cheese, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, horseradish wasabi mayo, spinach and one thick juicy slab of grass fed beef patty before topping off with a perfect sunny side.The event was a smorgasbord of food writers here and I was ecstatic to meet these well-known bloggers in person: keropokman, danielfooddiary, superfinefeline, honeybeesweets, sgfoodonfoot, six seven and especially Lirong from herfelicity who had to endure a table with.Spicy Prawn Konbu Pasta.But one bite and I already wished my tart wasnt so petite.Theyve been around since the last quarter of 2013 and my BFF and I have been eyeing on their surreal brunch menu which have been the hot topic of our conversations.Being a pre-launch event, its a double-edged move to test the new menu on food writers, on one hand getting really good feedback, while risking a bad PR lash x factor usa contestants 2011 where are they now on the other.Good sorbets, and cant complain about the meringue either. .The pot itself was really great, but it may not fit everyones tastebuds.Oh man, this steak was such a disaster all I can find to praise is how nice the grilled vine tomatoes and chimichurri sauce were.