polaris sweep hose wear ring

Included accessories: 31-foot hose kit, filter bag and operating instructions.
Optimum speed should be between 28 and 32 RPM.
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Price, stock, add to cart 3704, pSBP, booster Pump For Polaris 280 and 380.Open the closure and dump out the debris.Factory position is eleven oclock, but depending on the pool, other settings are helpful.Its primary advantage over other similar models (the Polaris 280 and 380) is that it does not now tv movies voucher code 2014 require an extra booster pump.Hose floats, back-up valve, pressure tester, quick disconnect with universal wall fitting.The pool cleaner goes into reverse every few minutes so that it does not get stuck in a corner somewhere.The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is a pressure-side inground pool cleaner which runs on a dedicated pressure line coming from the pool pump.It is easier to empty the filter bag when it is dry.

Routine Maintenance Cleaning the Filter Bag Detach the bag by releasing the prongs and removing the bag tie collar from the feed hose.
Storage and Winterizing Never store the Polaris in direct sunlight.
Our review of the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 looks at its features, warranty, parts, advantages and disadvantages.
Whenever possible, empty the filter bag when it is half full, especially if the dirt load is sand.Also available in black for dark pool floors.It also does not cover wear and tear on certain pool cleaner parts such as the all-purpose bag, MaxTrax tires, sweep hose scrubber, childcare vouchers boston ma sweep hose and the wear rings.Approximately every 3-1/2 minutes the Polaris 360 goes into back-up mode.Clean the skimmer, filter and pump basket.If you want a pressure-side automatic pool cleaner that works ideal shape coupon code free shipping without a booster pump, then look no further than the Polaris Vac-Sweep 360.You are here: Spare Parts for Pressure Cleaners, click to enlarge, sku.Like most pool cleaners, it does not clean the stairs of a swimming pool.