present discounted value economics

This is a very vague question with a very uncertain answer.
For example, if the score big promo code 2015 interest rate is 10, then a payment of 110 a year from now will have a present discounted value of 100that is, you could take 100 in the present and have 110 in the future.
Calculate how much this bond is worth in the present if the discount rate.
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Conversely, if the interest rate rises after a bond is issued, then the investor is locked into a lower rate, and the bond will sell for less than its face value.It is defined as the value on a given date of a payment or series of payments made at other times.Present Value (for the 11 interest rate) 240 payment after one year 240.08)1 222.20 240 payment after one year 240.11)1 216.20 3,240 payment after second year 3,240.08)2 2,777.80 3,240 payment after second year 3,240.11)2 2,629.60 Total 3,000.Applying Present xoom coupon free transfer Discounted Value to a Bond.
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When government thinks about a proposal to, for example, add safety features to a highway, it must compare costs incurred in the present to benefits received in the future.
In this example, say that the financial investor decides that appropriate interest rate to value these future payments.
The worth of future cash flows depends on the determined present value or discounted rate.The company is selling 200 shares of stock and profits are expected to be 15 million right away, in the present, 20 million one year from now, and 25 million two years from now.Future Value vs Present Value, what are you worth?Share it with your friends/family.It is also known as present discounted value or discounted value.