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Apply constraints to a sketch.
Fact file: F-14 Tomcat Blackjack' comeback: Russia to renew production of its most powerful strategic bomber".
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Understand the rendering stages in Pro/engineer.Create a sweep surface.Create the exploded state of the assembly.Then create another curve parallel to the original by selecting #Feature, #Copy, selecting on the original curve and using the #Translate option to create a copy that is parallel to the original curve.

Create section of a model.
This could, in fact, be adapted to more-or-less existing airframes, which the Soviets soon did, with the Sukhoi Su-17 (based on the earlier swept wing Sukhoi Su-7 ).
A variable-sweep wing, colloquially known as a "swing wing is an airplane wing, or set of wings, that may be swept back and then returned to its original position during flight.
A wider spacing not only reduced the negative aerodynamic effects of changing wing sweep, but coupon for home depot moving also provided a larger fixed wing section which could be used for landing gear or stores pylons.9 10 Rockwell, meanwhile, adopted variable geometry for the Advanced Manned Strategic Bomber (amsa) program that produced the B-1 Lancer bomber, intended to provide an optimum combination of high-speed cruising efficiency and fast, supersonic penetration speeds at extremely low level.Navy introduced the Grumman F-14 Tomcat to replace the canceled F-111B fleet interceptor with a fighter more nimble than the F-4 Phantom.This technique does not use the actual #Helical Sweep feature.Place a user-defined coordinate system.Create a solid feature by using the Revolve tool.11 12 The production is planned to recommence in 2020, making the new aircraft the first new variable sweep airframes produced after 28 years.Introduction, this technique will go through the steps for creating a helical shaped solid using a variable section sweep, a sketcher relation that makes use of the trajpar parameter and a swept protrusion.The Observer's Book of Aircraft.