ps_voucher table

See Also Processing Refunds Debit Memo Vouchers The Matching process calls the Voucher Build process to automatically create debit memo adjustment vouchers to resolve matching exceptions between the amount on a voucher and centre parcs promotional codes 2015 the purchase orders and receivers that are associated with that voucher.
Reviewing Voucher Build Process Error Details Access the Voucher Build Error Detail page.
Pages Used to Run the Voucher Build Process and Review Messages Page Name Object Name Navigation Usage Voucher Build vchr_batch_rqst Accounts Payable, Batch Processes, Vouchers, Voucher Build, Voucher Build Create a run control and request a run of the Voucher Build process.
PS_BUS_unit_TBL_BI : Bill business unit table.
Review the messages that the Voucher Build process produces.To prevent duplicate invoice IDs, the process increments the ERS_INV_SEQ number field by one each time a packing slip is used as the invoice.The Consignment Inventory feature, which enables you to implement this strategy across an entire enterprise, integrates a variety of functions within PeopleSoft Purchasing, Inventory, Production Management, Cost Management, and Payables.The subprocess copies purchase order and receiver fields to voucher lines and creates distribution lines, based on either the default voucher build criteria or the voucher build code that is specified in honest com coupon codes the voucher header.In addition, you: (Optional) Define Voucher Build criteria on the Voucher Build Code Definition page if you want to use voucher build codes.If external parties send bad data (for example, an invalid business unit) as part of the message, the subscription process flags the message as being in error.The Voucher Build process assigns match delay days to XML transactions that require matching based on the PeopleSoft Payables hierarchy, business unit, origin, control group, vendor, and the ability to override on the voucher.CM_deplete CM_actual_cost recv_HDR recv_LN_ship recv_LN_distrib vendor_LOC BUS_unit_TBL_IN PeopleSoft Real Estate Management vouchers.To process manual payments from PeopleSoft Promotions Management using the Voucher Build process, you must specify a valid bank code, bank account, and check number on the accompanying payment record.The Voucher Build process builds the associated nonmerchandise charge records for miscellaneous, freight, and tax charges that are associated with the recurring contract voucher.In addition to delivering the voucher_build and EM_voucher_IN EIPs as application messages, PeopleSoft also delivers them as web services (Voucher and SelfServiceInvoice, respectively).No fields are available in Selection Parameters.

XML Invoice: Spreadsheet vouchers and XML invoices that are interfaced using the EM_voucher_IN application message definition or the SelfServiceInvoice web service.
PS_BUS_unit_TBL_AM : Asset Management business unit table.
It does this by: Extracting data from the Depletion Accounting Entry table (CM_deplete).
Review the details for any Voucher Build process errors on a voucher.
These types of transactions usually are processed in the system before the purchase order lines are received.You establish ERS options on the Procurement Control - ERS Options page, but you can also override them on the Payables Definition - Voucher Build page.Because of this functionality, you must ensure that the Assign Invoice ID option is selected for these vouchers so that the system assigns the voucher ID number as the invoice ID number.PS_BUS_unit_TBL_AR : Accounts Receivable business unit table.See, voucher Build Process Errors.PS_GL_account_TBL : GL Accounts table.Use the outbound AP_vchr_message_OUT EIP that was initiated in the Voucher Build process to send verification messages to the sender.