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To help players acquire higher quality Void Relic's we've introduced a new resource: Void Traces.
Changed how the different types of enemy unit are sent into the fray.
Archwing Pursuit (Saturn - Pandora) Hunt down a heavily defended Grineer Ship and destroy it by fighting through the ships defenses, such as: energy shields, turrets, and mines.
Silver Fusion Pack : 10 Fusion Cores (5 R5 Rare, 5 possible R5 Rares) for 50 Platinum.
A large majority of Market-related complaints we receive relate to the confusion between built items (aka Platinum-purchased) and Blueprints.We've replaced and re-assigned many missions, including the removal of Deception and the not-so-popular Archwing Defense.Playing as McMakisteins Doomfist character in FPS.Fixed incorrect puddle textures in the Uranus tileset.Added an audio and visual FX to players when they are targeted by Executioner Harkonar.

Each Kavat breed will have a set of unique perks: Adarza Kavats, lethal and sly, have learned the following: Cats Eye - Adarza Kavat grants increased critical chance to all nearby Tenno for a short duration.
2: Benevolent Decoy - Creates beacons that drew enemy fire, converting the damage into healing pulses.
Rays, destructive, detail, detailed, detective, Determination, develop, develop.
New Dual Dagger Stance: Spinning Needle Melee Holstering customization is here!Fixed Corpus Techs having bad collision when suspended via Vauban's Bastille.The Warframe Market sweeps ratings period got a facelift!Fixed an issue with possible misleading waypoints for Clients on Exterminate missions.Loki 175 Platinum Mag jenson cycles promo code 75 Platinum * These prices were swapped to reflect the change in Starter status.