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There were 50 different 10,000 prizes, and 500 different 1,000 winners.
The online shopping sale canada South Carolina Lottery has a new 5 Carolina Panthers scratch-off giving you the chance to win up to 100,000 instantly.
I purchased these one at a time, much to the chagrin of the Gas and Guzzle clerk.
Unfortunately, the top prize was only 500.
Usually these are a once a year drawing, where each ticket counts as a separate entry.2nd Chance Lottery Tickets Often Give you Better Odds of Winning Than the Main Game.You toss it in the trash.Nobody is advocating this as a means of getting rich, we just want to show you that entering those losing tickets, or even picking some out of the trash, is certainly worth your time.Reach Dave Munday at 937-5553.These are entirely separate from the scratch ticket drawings.

By Steve Beauregard, never mind the hills, theres gold in them thar trash cans.
More and more state lotteries are either allowing, or requiring, lottery players to enter their losing tickets online.
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Also keep in mind, in most cases, the higher the game, the fewer tickets sold, therefore, fewer entries into second chance drawings.
But they are certainly better odds than youll find just in the original, main game.To play the new 5 Carolina Panthers scratch-off head to your nearest lottery retailer.If you reveal a Touchdown symbol, you win 15 times the prize shown.In my state, 20 different entries are printed on one ticket, so by having them printed out all separately, I received 285 entries into the second chance lottery drawing, rather than the only 15 I would have been able to enter had the 285 worth.However given the high sales price, (30 for a ticket and the fact that Massachusetts isnt that populous of a state, this second chance drawing seemed to give one some of the better odds weve seen.