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For: Business, type: Business premises, energy, water, waste, business energy efficiency grants and advice.
Available: NT, for: Business, type: Business premises, energy, choose energy-efficient appliances app, the Energy Rating Calculator App makes it easier when youre shopping for a new appliance.
Solar users share their plans for beating the power bill shock when the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme winds up at the end of the year.
Sarah McNamara from the Australian Energy Council said deals store new york consumers must take the time to and check all of the terms and conditions of any contract on offer.
For: Home owner, Landlord, Renter, type: Apartment, House, energy, electricity feed-in tariff, the renewable energy feed-in tariff pays eligible Victorian households, small businesses and community organisations for the excess electricity they generate from small-scale solar (photovoltaic or PV wind turbine or hydro systems.In a statement to the ABC, Energy Australia defended its smart meter package.Updating to energy-efficient products and appliances can reduce your energy consumption and energy bills.Available: ACT For: Home owner, Landlord, Renter, Business Type: Apartment, House Water Garden watering web tool The WaterRight Gardens Webtool helps Australian Capital Territory residents work out how much water a garden needs to remain healthy and the best time to water.Available: VIC For: Home owner, Landlord, Renter Type: Apartment, House Energy Solar PV battery storage discount The Next Generation Energy Storage Grants provides Australian Capital Territory households and businesses with a discount to install a battery storage unit with a new or existing rooftop solar."There are things that could be done to simplify the comparison but there doesn't seem to be the appetite to make those changes.".Available: ACT For: Home owner, Landlord Type: Apartment, House).He warned households to read the fine print of any new deals they are considering.

The App can save you hundreds of dollars on electricity bills by helping you choose energy-efficient appliances.
Your fridge or freezer will be collected and recycled for free. .
Available: ACT For: Home owner, Landlord, Renter Type: Apartment, House Water Plant selector The Sydney Water Plant Selector makes it easier for residents to choose plants that are suited to their local soil and weather conditions.He has received 60 cents per kilowatt hour under the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme and has spent hours researching the best energy deal to switch.'Is there any change to the service to property charge or other fees as well?"We're out there actively monitoring them, they have obligations to ensure they're providing accurate, timely and upfront information."Every deal that's offered has its pros and its cons she told the ABC.Type: Apartment, House, energy, choose energy-efficient lightbulbs app, this Light Bulb Saver App identifies the best light bulbs to replace your incandescent and halogen bulbs, as well as how much you could save by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs.Available: VIC For: Home owner, Landlord, Renter, Business Type: Apartment, House Energy Home energy self-assessment kit Australian Capital Territory residents can access an Actsmart Home Energy Action Kit from libraries to perform a home energy self-assessment and develop their own home energy action plans.