sweep the board перевод

The windsurfer was swept out to sea.
Sweeping all others aside, she pushed her way to the front.
This dna sweep has been baby picture contest philippines 2017 like Christmas.
Fires swept through the forest.The General's eyes london attractions voucher codes swept the horizon.But I always win supermarket sweep.To sweep the asteroid field.Special sweep teams assessed and recorded damage, searched for survivors and collected bodies.Strong winds regularly sweep the islands.I'll sweep the porch while you're gone.Her dress swept the ground as she walked.A feeling of isolation swept over.And protect our homeland, and to sweep the seas clean once more.Go sweep the kitchen.

See also: feet, off, sweep sweep (someone) off (someone's) feet, to cause someone to be admiring or infatuated.
The party in power expected to sweep in this time, but in fact they lost votes.
Have the Chicago team sweep the building quickly and quietly.Or you could help us sweep the rest soma coupons free shipping of this neighborhood.Sweep (one) off (one's) feet, to completely woo someone, usually unexpectedly.Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content.Uncontrollable anger swept in on Paul when he learned how Jane had been treated.Rain swept in through the broken windows.