sweep the matter under carpet

I can not think of our son that way.
Youngsters from across colleges are on drugs.
Colleague 2 : Those were legitimate expenses.
9) I presumed they will just keep silent and sweep under the carpet just like the PA case."to sweep something under the carpet" to lucky dip car avoid discussing or dealing with (by hiding) something embarrassing, unpleasant or damaging.Thesaurus: synonyms and related words, translations of sweep sth under the carpet.N/C, fans, cambridge University Press 2017.Yet the assessment report, whose recommendations the Government has decided to sweep under the carpet, came out in December, months after the start of the project.Idiom Definition, your browser does not support the audio element.What about this new group of unsavory friends he has started hanging around with? .Husband : .

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One of those things that we shouldn't necessarily try to sweep under the carpet and hide.
To the bond scam which the Prime membrane sweep at 40 weeks nhs Minister is trying to sweep under the carpet, interest rates rose by about sixty percent and the government ended up having.15) Army absolutely does not want to sweep under the carpet the issue of mental health.7) Some of the cases were so egregious it made it difficult to sweep under the carpet.He has also quit all his sports teams.Wife : Are you ignoring the fact that his school grades are falling?Fewer children in public high schools is not something the government can sweep under the carpet.