sweeps ratings period

It appears IBM wants it all.
The full ad famously ran once during the Super Bowl xviii (on January 22, 1984 but it also ran the month prioron December 31, 1983, TV station operator Tom Frank ran the ad on kmvt at the last possible time slot before midnight, in order.
The Mac Bathroom Reader is out of print; you can read an excerpt online, including QuickTime movies of the two versions of the ad, plus a behind-the-scenes video.
Advertisement, no other news organization provides more in-depth coverage of breaking news or can look at a story with a better local lens than NewsCenter 5, said Paige Harrison, wcvb News Director.
The same year, Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian on her sitcom.Henry Winkler, as Fonzie, preparing to jump over a shark while on water skis, in a scene in the Happy Days installment Hollywood, Part Three Of Three.The current period, which starts Oct.As you can see in his comment below, Hertzfeld's comments above (and the dates cited in other accounts I've seen) are incorrect.Wcvb, Bostons ccs promo codes august 2015 ABC affiliate station, is owned by Hearst Television, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hearst, a leading media company whose global holdings include 30 television stations and two radio stations.Skinheads, A discus thrower, anci-FI director.It was a mess: 20-year anniversary In 2004, the ad was updated for the launch of the iPod.And NewsCenter 5 topped the market finishing either #1 or #2 in every newscast in Adults 25-54, Total Viewers, and Households.When Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak heard that the ad was in trouble, he offered to pony up half the airtime costs himself, saying, "I asked how much it was going to cost, and Steve Jobs told me 800,000.Wcvb NewsCenter 5 at 6PM with anchors Maria Stephanos and Ed Harding is #1 in Total Viewers, Adults 25-54, and Households.

Happy Days special in 1977 in which Fonzie jumped over a shark pen on water skis; fans point to it as the specific moment the show started its decline.
tHE awful 1985 follow-UP, a year later, Apple again employed ChiatDay to make a blockbuster ad for their Macintosh Office product line, which was basically a file server, networking gear, and a laser printer.
Calling it sweeps week is a bit of a misnomer; it's actually nearly a month.
Networks use the data Nielsen gathers during each period to set local advertising rates; national rates, which comprise the bulk of TV ad revenue, are set separately and based on year-round data from select families.
Smallville in 2003, playing a scientist examining the young Clark Kent.Finally, you might enjoy this 2004 USA Today article about the ad, pointing out that ads for other computers (including Atari, Radio Shack, and IBM's new PCjr) also ran during that Super Bowl.See the top 10 TV series of 2008.I am proud of the entire team for their success during the October sweep, and we look forward to continuing to produce the quality of news that has defined wcvb for the past 45 years.ChiatDay adman Steve Hayden recalled : "We ran a 30- second version of '1984' in the top.S.Four weeks a year, networks inundate the TV-viewing public with a veritable flood of plot-twisting, cringe-inducing, shark-jumping moments in the hopes they'll tune in please, just tune in in order to give the networks a vital boost during the critical periods when Nielsen Media Research.