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Pacquiao rose, but was reluctant to engage for the remainder of coupons for old navy online 2015 the round.
Pacquaio, emboldened by a couple of long rights that pierced the older man's guard at the start of the second, steadied the Mexican in centre ring with a body shot that drew an intake of breath from his opponent.
"Pacquiao-Marquez III tour slated for early September".
With ten seconds remaining, Pacquiao landed a left cross causing Marquez to wildly push him into the ropes.And there will be others food contest 2016 who wonder where the power arrived from.This was the fourth instalment of a series which had previously seen Pacquiao twice victorious, plus a draw in the first contest.The ending, however, shocked every one of the 20,000 customers who'd packed the Grand Arena at the MGM.The second knockdown of the fight came as suddenly as the first and this time it was Marquez who went south, courtesy of a crisp, short right to the chin in round five.A five-time world champion at four weights after being virtually ignored in the first half of his career, he remains the consummate ring master, his every move calculated to cause maximum irritation to his opponent.Marquez and his supporters cried foul following both bouts, citing Pacquiao's come-forward style opposed to Marquez's counterpunching style, as well as the Filipino congressman's standing in the sport and powerful promotor Bob Arum as reasons for him getting the nod from the judges."BoxRec Juan Manuel Marquez".Retrieved tterfield, Lem (August 26, 2011).It was also billed unofficially as deciding the.But there were already murmurs that Pacquiao is seeking a rematch.

The strategy paid off immediately as Marquez feinted again to the body before landing a looping overhand right that floored Pacquiao for the first time in their four fights.
Rarely in 61 fights over nearly two decades can the 39-year-old Mexican have hit so hard in one contest (he had Pacquiao down in the third with a sledgehammer right that caught him with all the suddenness of a runaway truck).
A bloodied Marquez retreated for the remainder of the round as referee Kenny Bayless looked on closely.
Pacquaio said he wanted a war and he got one.
While Pacquiao knocked Marquez down three times in the opening round of their first fight, many ringside observers believed Marquez won a large enough balance of the following eleven rounds to earn the decision.Sources of further controversy included one judge scoring round one 107 for Pacquiao (as opposed to the customary 106 for a three knockdown round) and the widely divergent scores of the other two judges who scored the fight 115110 Pacquiao and 115110 Marquez respectively.His first attempt was a September 2009 loss to Floyd Mayweather,., who was making his return to boxing.The judges, for once, all saw the fight the same way, and had Pacquiao ahead 47-46 after five rounds, agreeing, too, on each of the rounds.The Filipino did just enough to edge the round.He's not getting up, Jim!".