the pool cleaner troubleshooting

You will have to experiment until you figure out the best setting.
Once you have it where you want it, tighten the outer ring.
Turn on motor, stand a few feet away from jet, and assess whether the water flow is pointed toward the main drain.Hayward makes two models: The smaller of the two, this is ideal for collecting leaves but not fine debris because there are small slots in the basket.Keep in mind that the more you open it, the more suction you remove from the floor vac and can slow it down.First, check the cleaners hose to make certain it is strongly affixed to the suction-line in the skimmer.Clean the pump walking dead sweepstakes new york basket.Other issues may be the cause as well, such.Reattach vacuum to hose and put into water, letting as much air escape from the vacuum as possible.Clean the filters of the cartridges.By unscrewing the lid and emptying the basket when needed, you save yourself a lot of pain, heartache, and repair bills.Inside is a basket or net that collects material.

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If you are too gentle with them while checking them, you may not find the leak and will be very frustrated.
Consult the troubleshooting guide that normally accompanies the owners manual to guide you.
We will go through a step-by-step process of troubleshooting.Does your pool get excessive amounts of leaves or debris?After the Pool Cleaner starts moving observe it for several minutes and make sure that it keeps moving.They prevent buildup in the pump basket, which can put an excessive strain on your motor.Other things you can do: -Check the hose and vacuum connections for air leaks -Tighten the vacuum connection -For hose leaks, replace the faulty section of the hose -Disconnect the cleaner to exclude air-leaks that might be apparent at another spot in the filter system.#13-Your Auto Pool Cleaner/Suction Pool Cleaner Floats Above The Pool Floor The cleaner should be heavier than the water and not float.Turn the power supply off.The other opening leads to the floor vac.If there is a rip, you need to replace the diaphragm.The best solution to this is to buy a regulator and open up the valve until the vac moves consistently around the pool.