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Stuff I want: Trade suggestions if you don't have plat to buy with.
Black Rock Isle (Q26) (Mayor: Dyf).
Open only to legal.S.
19:57:13 The settlement of Harmonia has just been disbanded.
Apart from our in-game activity in Alliance chat, we offer our own website forums that includes our very own trading post in which we post trading offers and requests for one another that are certain to receive 100 serious responses from verified members of our.Steel Meridian mods 20p each.Shield disruption - 7, shotgun scaveng x3 - 5, sniper scavenger x4 -.Speed holster x2 - 5, sprint boost - 7, steel charge x3 -.It's simple: Pass Me A PM Here On The Forums With Your Request To Join!

Columbia Sportswear Powervent Water Shoes - Breathable mesh and a quick-draining insole and midsole keep feet comfortable in wet conditions.
While other PvE alliances are purely in-game constructs that exist between almost random villages win a free ps vita in the same area, SFA is a server-wide community of active villages looking to enhance their Wurm experience with good company, immediate support and safe trading partners.
The winner of the 2nd giveaway has been determined (by random generator) is Andrewstation99!
Redania (S24) (Mayor: Radovid kiwiana (R23) (Mayor: Draygon thorne Cliff (C20) (Mayor: Bloodscythe).
Fortitude x5 - 7, hastened step - 7, natural talent -.See Official Rules at /BrandSpot for additional eligibility restrictions, prize descriptions/conditions, entry periods and complete details.Keep reading to learn more about Columbia Sportswear then enter our giveaway at the bottom of this post.Maglev x10 - 2, rush x15 - 2, price check on Retribution.Shotgun: Accelerated blast - 10 -on hold-Blaze - 12 Critical deceleration - 7 Frigid blast - 17 Hell's chamber x7 - 10 Ravage x9 - 7 Seeking force x4 - 5 -on hold-Seeking fury - 15 Shotgun ammo mutation x2 - 10 Tainted shell.Jackal's Harbour Another Chaos deserter!