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Begin by taking the online typing speed test to check your WPM or your ten key speed.
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Learn2Type is a very good website because I am not currently enrolled in classes but I still have the skills." - Yvette.
Since I've been on this on-line typing test line, my typing speed has improved a great deal.
Select text: 100-200 chars200-300 chars300-400 chars400-500 chars #.Any of these tests is perfect for giving you a precise words-per-minute (WPM) rate, and charity car raffle some of them also provide a detailed analysis of your performance and an accuracy percentage.Some of them, like the Alpha Typing Test, are more advanced and make use of special characters and symbols, like dollar signs and ampersands.There is even a custom option, allowing you to paste your own text you would like the test to be based upon."your member lessons really help me to improve my typing" - 3Kpone "This website has been a wonderful supplement to our keyboarding lessons this year.I will tell everybody about this Y;ALL give free lesson.Syed zafarul hasan Sep 19, 2016 Write your own review Online Games Home Links to Us Site Map.I have been searching for a while.

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You will find here two types of tests, one is very simple, covering only the alphabet and simple punctuation (no capitalization).You may also get an optional typing certificate with online verification and a professionally printed certification document suitable for framing after completing the typing tests.Thanks again for the typing lessons." -S "I think your free on-line typing tests are just great.Keep up the good work." - Vilma sweep in facility idbi "I will tell ALL MY friends about this website.Keep up the good work." - Rose " I think is great that you provide free typing lessons.I just want to thank you for being here.The resources page is a great spot to learn more about office secretary and other job skills.Online Typing Test m, this is a neat and easy to use speed typing test.You can also sign up to their site (its free) and get a typing test certificate.