veritas skew rabbet planes

The plane is available in figleaves voucher code free delivery left- and right-hand versions.
The curly maple wasnt the friendliest to work, but the low angle iron of the block plane, set to take a fine cut, made clean, quick work of the maple.
Certainly the collet lock mechanism on the Veritas keeps the fence square all the time whereas you have to be more meticulous with the wooden Filister.
Then, too, this configuration reduces cutting resistance, leaving a smoother surface, especially on cross-grain work.The plane cuts rabbets of various depths, up to 11?2.Setting the depth of cut is simply a matter of turning a brass knob.As the plane is pushed, the blade draws the plane into the cut, making it easy to register the fence against the stock.A pair of 6" stainless-steel fence rods (2-1/2" longer than the rods supplied with the plane) are available separately.Flats on the ends of the rods permit wrench tightening.You may need only the version that suits your dominant hand, though they are in fact complementary, since having both lets you accommodate any grain direction.For more information, go.The first and foremost reason is that the tenon chick fil a free sandwich coupon code shen yun promo code houston was a cross grain cut.As you sink your rabbet, the plane creeps toward the edge and a stair step look develops pushing the plane further and further off your planned shoulder location.Cast iron body, Steel blade.

Set screws along the side allow repeatable blade positioning.
Adjustable Mouth, n/A, blade Size, a2, materials.
Add to Watch Later, in the last video post, The Architects Table part twelve, I used my, skew Block plane to form the tenon portion of the bread board ends.Veritas Skew Block Plane.It also has a scoring-spur ahead of the blade to help reduce tear-out on cross-grain cuts.Another obvious difference, but one Ill mention anyway, is that the skew block plane, ( like all block planes ) is a bevel up plane, while the skew rabbet has a bevel down configuration.The 7-3/8" long fence allows a maximum rabbet width of 1-1/2" and is through-drilled to accept a wooden extension.So a fussier set up is ameliorated by quick and repeatable joints across several boards.