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1912) Jack Currie (herec) Jack Curtis (herec / scenárista, nar.
The year moved away from the Hogwarts theme of the previous year, featuring such disparate sets settlers online gem voucher code as 4728 Escape from Privet Drive, 4727 Aragog in the Dark Forest, and 4720 Knockturn Alley.
1979) The Edge (herec / skladatel, nar.Many sets were released for the first and second films during the theme's first few years, featuring minifigures with yellow skin.1918) Hunter Elizabeth (hereka) Elizabeth of Toro (hereka, nar.1991) Heather Jack (reisérka / scenáristka) Jedelah Jack (herec) Jimmy Jack (scenárista / herec) Stephen Jack (herec, nar.Promotional image for the 2010 line of sets In 2010, the Harry Potter theme returned, with a set based on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.2011, the final full year of the theme, featured the release of a few sets under the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows subtheme, as well as several subtheme-less promotional sets, of which the correct branding can only be guessed.1900) Jack di Blasio (herec) Roll The Dice (skladatel) Jack Dietz (producent, nar.There Harry defeats Tom Riddle, who possessed Ginny and forced her to open the Chamber.1961) Jack Farthing (herec) Mick Foley (herec, nar.9.9.1967 Amristar, svazov stát Padáb, Indie Empire of the Sun herec / skladatel Mattias Bärjed (The Soundtrack of Our Lives) skladatel / herec nar.Thompson (spisovatel / herec / scenárista, nar.The Trio during the Battle of Hogwarts Harry gets the Sword of Gryffindor from the bottom of a pond, and destroys the locket with the help of Ron, who returned.

In 2014, dumbledore appeared in The lego Movie.
1950) Jack Justis (skladatel) Jack Zagha Kababie (producent / reisér / scenárista / stiha, nar.
1885) Jack Kirkland (scenárista / spisovatel, nar.
1902) Jack Garfein (reisér / scenárista / herec, nar.
Harry is confronted by Lord Voldemort as a kid, who is attempting to regain full power.1968) Steve Hunter (skladatel) Tab Hunter (herec / producent, nar.1986) Jack Johnson (herec, nar.1977) Jack Cheatham (herec, nar.1972) Larry The Cable Guy (herec, nar.The minifigures of the early years were all yellow-skinned, with the exceptions of Professor Snape, whose head was a white color that glowed in the dark, and Peeves, who was light grey.The theme was introduced in 2001, as one of the, lEGO.1927) Jack Kennedy (herec) Jack Kenney (herec, nar.We went down to the Warner Brothers Studio near Watford for the Harry Potter Studio Tour, and let me tell you its amazing!