what happened to two voice contestants

Still, theyre two of the best acts in the competition, so it shouldnt do them any harm.
The excuse was the outnet promotional code 2015 vague and almost felt like the show was brushing away one of its Season 8 frontrunners.
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It was all a bit awkward though.Here come the wacky relatives.Emmas great, but for most of the show, Marvins job was to fill time while the crew presumably swept up rose petals and what-not, by reading out tweets, calling people hun a lot and asking the contestants mind-numbing questions like if you were.Read more: The Voice's Beth Morris forced to quit hit show amid drugs scandal allegations.Beth Morris has left due to "personal reasons" while Chloe Castro's exit is down to "health reasons".

Usually this stage of The Voice looks exactly like all the other stages of The Voice, but Paloma Faith has done her best to uphold her promise of bringing emotion, performance and high drama. .
Castro added: "I have decided to leave The Voice for health reasons.
But viewers who were putting the kids to bed, perusing a Chinese takeaway menu or watching Free Willy 3 on ITV while the BBCs announcement was whirling around Twitter will have been mystified when they tuned in, since the departures werent acknowledged at all.
So why have his colleagues seemingly got it in for him?Palomas tarted the place.Somehow, a rumor got started that Riley was kicked off the show for refusing to compete in the Knockout Rounds against.Jamal, a former political activist, is in prison for the murder of a police officer in 1981.She also brought the entire contents of the John Lewis haberdashery department.Mondays episode saw Paul Pfau, Mia Z and Sawyer Fredericks sing one song each with only two of them allowed to advance onward from the Knockout Rounds.If there were any negative comments its because people are threatened by how good you are, said the usually chirpy Ricky, looking absolutely flipping furious.None of these rumors seem to be based on anything but speculation and therefore do not offer a clear reason as to why the former street performer round table pizza discount code wouldnt want to go head-to-head with Mia.