when is the hot dog eating contest on tv

Miki Sudo also set a personal best by devouring 41 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes to win her record verizon chance to win super bowl tickets fourth consecutive women's title at the giving away money annual Fourth of July event.
Learn all about the eaters, the major storylines, the drama and the lore of the worlds most famous eating contest.
Sudo's previous personal best in the contest was 38 dogs, in both 20Thomas holds the record with 45 in 2012.
6 4, expand your stomach with low-calorie foods.His goosebumps-inducing introductions are as dramatic as the Hot Dog Eating Contest itself.Learning to chew quickly can give you a competitive edge at competitions.What if the hot dogs have ketchup on them?It depends on what shape the watermelon is in, such as a full, half, or slice of watermelon.

Part 1 Making Preliminary Plans 1, make an appointment to see a doctor.
It all goes down on the Fourth of July at the corner of Surf and Stillwell.
Here's what Chestnut consumed: Wolfram Alpha, on the bright side, the contestants won't eat any trans fats.
3 Chasing the Mustard Belt.
Tuesday's win was Chestnut's second consecutive men's title.14 Some competitors even douse themselves in ice water right before the competition starts.By the time you arrive at the competition, you will have timed, evaluated, and practiced your strategy.Some have different age or skill level requirements for entry.We entered 72 HDB and let Wolfram Alpha add up all the calories, bath and body works coupon 10 off 30 grams of fat, and (yes) vitamin and minerals.