where can i get free bibles to give away

3 Free Online Bible Study Tools.
The Gideon Bibles that are found in hotels are good quality, durable Biblesif you have one it will probably last you many years.
Download the Bible for use in software projects?
Join Bible Senders as we work to amazon voucher uk send new and gently used bibles all over the world and give them Free Of Charge to anyone who asks!Sword Bible Texts Translations.Their focus is to provide free Bibles to people who are poor, sick, or incarcerated.The person got famous footwear coupon code 2015 saved as a result of a free DVD presentation and a phone conversation.

Digital Bible Platform API.
CrossWire Bible Society 's open source Bible software getBible API, aPI access to the Bible via Joomla component and json.
Whether you use an iPhone, Android phone or one of the many other types of smartphones, you can easily get access to a Bible.The Gideons are the ones who place them there.M - text of the Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible.Bible texts and translations that can be used in any sword-based Bible program. .What Can I Do?Org gives resources for studying the scripture as well as articles that will help strengthen your faith.Plus, there's a "Ten-in-One Bible Database" in parallel for quick access and comparison, with the following 10 versions, in Excel or full text formats: King James Bible, american Standard Version.Org online and offline Bible and Mishneh Torah texts list of data resources for Greek and Hebrew studies, mostly provided under open licensesbase texts, tagged texts, lexicons, grammarsincluding: Nestle 1904 Greek New Testament, Codex Sinaiticus, Septuagint, Liddell-Scott-Jones Perseus Lexica, Mounce Lexicon, Rydberg-Cox Greek Syntax ml Robinson-Pierpoint.