who are the bachelor in paradise 2015 contestants

Finally, its time for Tanner and Jade.
Nick is only seeing Chelsie as a friend and admits he is still interested in Samantha.
Tanner didnt treat her like a sexual plaything or a trophy, and seemed genuinely interested in her and her life.
Nick asks Jaclyn if he can have her date card since she airbnb coupon codes may 2015 doesn't have anyone and he wants to go on a date with Samantha.
Cassandra Ferguson and Justin Reich, you might remember Cassandra for her decision not to accompany Justin to the Fantasy Suite the night before the final rose ceremony.Gives her rose to Nick.Is still obsessed with Jared, while Jared is still obsessed with Kaitlyn.Based on Samantha's tweet, it looks like these two are still doing just fine.During the date, she saw that maybe Mikey was a better guy than she thought.Back The contestant returned at the end of the episode at the request of another contestant.The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Made A Practical Decision".First up to the Rose Ceremonial Pier is Justin and Cassandra.We're two weeks (and long four episodes) into season two.Carly's Date: Carly takes Kirk on a date and they see fireworks."Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 Contestants Announced".And then theres Tenley and Joshua.

After this there were three guys Tenley liked: JJ, Josh, and Michael.
Dan breaks up with Ashley.
Thanks for coming to Paradise with me, everyone!
In the end, two of the three couples are still together and one of them even got engaged on the reunion special!
Cassandra is now dating.The two meet among the fronds and step over an altar set up by the birds to memorialize Ashley.s passing from this world into the next to talk about how often they would visit.She is most interested in Jared.After the rose ceremony, Chelsie from Juan Pablo's season arrives and Carly tries to convince her to take Dan on a date so that Dan will give his rose to Chelsie and send Samantha home.JJ then shockingly gives Ashley.Michael's date: Michael took Tenley on a dinner date where a mariachi band played for them.Date The contestant went on a date and got a rose at the rose ceremony.This episode relies heavily on Jade as our window character.