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Three US hackers have pleaded guilty to creating the Mirai botnet, which took out some of the internet's biggest sites last year including Reddit, Spotify, and Twitter through distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
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Taco Bell is giving away PS4s. .Those who want to play multiplayer must sign up to a Minecraft server, which can often have tens of thousands of users who pay money to rent "space" or buy tools.Users construct blocky 3D worlds by zenni optical promo codes reddit "mining" blocks.We celebrated with a video that introduced an iconic Merchant, the embodiment of the magic and mystery of PlayStation Store.The discount truck parts houston tx game Minecraft is massively popular, with 55 million players a month.You can read the full Wired investigation here.You heard it folks. ."Then it just became a challenge for them to make it as large as possible.".You can read more about the PS4 here.That, in turn, has resulted in rival Minecraft server hosts trying to one-up each other with DDoS attacks.

That meant outages for Dyn customers including Reddit, Github, and Twitter, and gave Mirai greater attention.
Eventually, Mirai's creators decided to publish its source code online, to try and throw any investigators off the trail.
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OVH offers Minecraft DDoS mitigation services and, in September 2016, it suffered a crushing DDoS attack unlike anything it had seen before.Mirai's creators wanted both to knock out rival servers, but also potentially make money by offering protection against DDoS attacks.NOW watch: France's 21 billion nuclear fusion reactor is now halfway complete.While Mirai eventually took down critical parts of the internet, alarming engineers tasked with keeping the infrastructure running smoothly, it had humbler beginnings.Last year, PlayStation Store turned 10!