x fusion sweep rl2 review

I think the Torco RSF Light.5.
DO NOt use the footnuts to drive out the shafts like on other forks, the nuts are too soft teh threads will strip.
Upon reassmembly, DirtLabs put 7wt oil back in the damper as that is what was called for, but it changed the handling characteristics of my fork.
A small PVC pipe, or even a socket can do (but it may scratch your lower).I never felt the need to increase cheap coach bags the fork's bottom out resistance, but if you feel like adding more progressivity to the party, you'll need to dump a bit more suspension fluid into the air chamber.Xfusion says an "older" sram chainring nut will work to thread on and pull it through, but good luck finding one.Reply With" #48 Gotta give thanks where all can see, I modified my slant by removing the entire shim stack, thanks to dwyooja's great clear photos on the disassembled fork, my added.5 wt oil.Rode it a few times like that and was actually quite happy.I could have sworn the XF travel redux video (as well as during my last Velvet service) had me lockout during unseating.Unthread this from the valve, its tough it has no wrench flats try sticky rubebr gloves or pliers with rubber in between.

However, I read somewhere that theyre working on an affordable tool to sell, available somrtime soon.
Lock out and extend the damper prior to positioning the lowers on the stanchions.
I have the sweep.
Tonight is a long night ride with some fast rocky chunky stuff, if I run into issues I will let you know.Visit the high-res gallery for more images from this review).I heard that maybe they were going to release one, but haven't heard much since.Essentially removing the material between the end of the nut and where the threads start?It's not rocket science, but you are going to need a pin spanner, some sockets, some new suspension fluid, an RLD damper-removal too.Then ps_voucher table you can unscrew the top half of the damper assembly.Reply With" #93 Originally Posted by bkmad Motul.5w.Dirt74, eddieknight, marti163, FreshWaterLake, vettracer, kneecap, bikebums, spokeywheeler, Fluid Focus, dhough, flipnidaho, Kolodzilla, rjcobra, AlStar250, silentG, fixgeardan, Snapcatcher, TR, MFranzen, Insaneduane, jvaliensi, Happytohelp, etileduc, hrdude, ElwoodT, Hudnut, Kiwiplague, rmfs66, acedeuce802, Brother Maynard, svj, mtbdcd, FacePlant17, gabgi, h16, esqdavidK, beaver_nz, endo_alley, jk13, mactweek, kikoraa, tburger,.